ART in FOCUS: Flow

Put aside ‘want’ and flow with the rhythm of your inner being.

My exhibition Healing from within at Unicorn Lane Gallery on Sturt Street is now in it's second week!

As previously mentioned, for the duration of the exhibition I will be highlighting one of the included artworks twice a week to go into more detail the message each artwork carries.

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The third artwork I would like to share with you from my exhibition Healing from within is ‘FLOW’ a soft pastel on board drawing with the accompanying message:

Put aside ‘want’ and flow with the rhythm of your inner being.

I felt such peace and serenity creating this piece, as it was being created I understood why.  The message this artwork carries is a reminder to let go of “want” and allow yourself to flow.  Such peace can be found when you are stripped away of the urgency you may feel in completing a task (or multiple tasks), the stress of all you ‘have’ to do, and instead accept and flow with your inner being.

This one is a tricky one, but boy does it feel good when you are able to set aside your desires and wants and flow with what is needed in the moment.  To let go of all you think you need to be doing at this time and flow with the rhythm of your inner being. 

I have experienced the difference of trying to push to get things done or pursue an area that was not right for me at the time; things had a tendency to go wrong or seemed a lot harder to accomplish.  In comparison to when I stopped and allowed, let go, listened to my voice within, acknowledging what it was that I needed in that moment and allowed all else to be accomplished at the right time and with ease.

Enjoy the peace of being in flow with your inner self.


Put aside ‘want’ and flow with the rhythm of your inner being.

Unframed $378
Soft Pastel on Board
(L 24cm x H 102cm)

Currently on display at Unicorn Lane Gallery