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ART from SPIRIT hopes to inspire healing and growth through connection within.

Sharing inspirational messages and intuitive artworks encouraging positive change and growth within to strengthen your connection with all that you are, prompting you to live and celebrate your true self!

The Artist


My name is Tegan Neville and I am an Intuitive Artist, Initiatic Art Therapist and published author living in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. 

My hope is to inspire others to explore within to heal and grow, through my artworks, sharing my journey and my intuitive gifts.

I am a mum of 2 wonderful children and am rediscovering joy and balance in my world.

During my recovery from perinatal depression, I discovered the beautiful healing power of art and my ability to create art from within.

I have found the strength to grow from the challenges life has presented me in the form of depression and chronic fatigue, by connecting with my true self and celebrating all that I am.
I am enjoying being able to express my journey through art which has long been a passion, though I had put it aside for many years. Returning to that which brought so much joy as a young one has been a blessing and helped me on my recovery as well as given me a form in which I can share my wonderful gifts within!

I am excited to share my artworks and my gifts hoping others will benefit from the messages and inspiration I share.

The Art


The intuitive artworks presented by ART from SPIRIT are of a spiritual nature. Each artwork is accompanied by a message inspiring growth and healing by connecting within, concurrent to the theme of the artwork. 

Artworks are created through a wonderful process of connecting within, allowing my body to flow without needing to be consciously aware of the form the artwork will take (very different to my previous work!). Script and symbols flow through me during the creation process and I look forward to discovering more about them as I progress.

The artworks express my journey of growth, healing and reconnecting with all that I am, they encourage us to make positive change from within, strengthening our sense of self and prompting us to live our authentic selves!


In June 2018, my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards were released.  Published by White Light Publishing House, this deck of beautiful cards have been designed to prompt and inspire healing and connection within.

Each of the 44 cards feature a beautiful artwork, title, and inspirational message. This deck also comes with a guidebook and special box that doubles as a display stand for the cards.

The artworks were created during my healing journey from severe perinatal depression and reflect a journey of re-connecting and discovering the beauty and strengths within.

Ever since I started creating my intuitive artworks, I had a dream creating a deck of inspirational cards, to share my artworks and help inspire others to connect within to heal and grow. I am so excited that they are finally here, something beautiful to give to the world!

May these cards enhance your connection within and your journey of self-discovery, bringing light and inspiration to your day.

Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards are $32.99.
If you are interested in purchasing a copy you can do so in my store or directly from White Light Publishing House.