Artist Statement

I am awake.  For so long I have been in the darkness always living through fog, everything an effort and a struggle to find Joy and feel Love.  Now, now I soar, now I am FREE, free from the darkness, I am immersed in and radiate only Light and Love.

During my struggle with perinatal depression, I found not many people around me understood or were aware of the effects this illness was having on my quality of life.  Everyday tasks were difficult and daunting, I had lost myself.

Now, having undergone a period of healing, I have discovered a strength and determination to help others and share my story.

My hope, is to increase the awareness of the effects of depression and demonstrate the strength that can be found in overcoming the challenges, of what in my experience was a debilitating illness.

‘Out of Darkness’ refers not only to my journey out of the darkness of depression, but also to the act of openly expressing my story.

Become aware.  Be inspired.