ART in FOCUS: Core

My exhibition Healing from within at Unicorn Lane Gallery on Sturt Street is in it's final 2 weeks!

For the duration of the exhibition I am highlighting one of the included artworks twice a week to go into more detail the message each artwork carries.

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Return to your core. Find yourself. Be true.

The sixth artwork I would like to share with you from my exhibition Healing from within is ‘CORE’ a watercolour painting on paper with the accompanying message:

Return to your core.  Find yourself.  Be true.

This artwork is a reminder to check back in with your centre, your foundation.  To take the time to return to that which is you.  To discard what is no longer needed, to let go of anything whether it be thoughts, habits or actions that are not in alignment with your core, with you.  Take stock of all you have been doing, ensure it is getting you closer to being where you need to be for your happiness, growth and well-being.  If not, then make the necessary changes, a spring-cleaning of sorts, is not just for your house, your mind and body can do with one too!

It is easy to get off track in the busy world we live in, to become overwhelmed, fall into bad habits or find yourself doing things because others are doing them.  I too have been guilty of this, I have found it very helpful to take some time to remind myself of who I am, what makes me happy.  In checking-in with myself I realise that some of my current habits and thoughts are not what I need at this time.  It is a chance for me to remind myself what is true and right for me, and take the steps to let go of all that is hindering me.  Yes this can be a challenge, but certainly a challenge worth doing!

Set aside some time to connect with yourself, become reacquainted with you.


Return to your core.  Find yourself.  Be true.

Unframed $166
Watercolour on paper
(L 24.9cm x H 41.7cm)