The water carries me.
I can drift, or I can propel myself forward.
The choice is up to me.

When danger lurks, I seek cover in my own protection which I have cultivated over time.
Without shame or doubt, I rejoice in having it with me at all times.

It is time now to propel myself forward.
It is not the time to drift.

It is time now to move forward with purpose, knowing clearly which direction I head.
Although what will be there when I arrive is unknown to me.
This is the direction I have chosen.

I move forward with confidence and purpose.

Recently, the sea turtle has shown up in a few different scenarios, I finally took the hint and decided to give the sea turtle his own space and to listen and share the message this sea turtle carries with you all! It holds a number of different messages for me, but this story in particular was one the sea turtle wanted to share. Perhaps you feel a different message too?

As I mentioned when sharing ‘Mother Tree’ I will no longer be continuing this series on a regular basis, although I don’t feel that the Sea Turtle is the last, I have a feeling one may pop up here and there.

I’d love to hear your feedback on whether you find these stories helpful to you?

I use the stories of different creatures as a way of communicating guidance often in the intuitive guidance sessions I offer. If you would like to know more contact me, or you can book a session now through my store.

I wish you well in moving forward with confidence and purpose!

- Tegan