Welcome to an extended exploration of ‘Friends’ from my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck. Last week in the live video (which you can view here) we explored this card in terms of bringing attention to how it feels in our body when we say the words ‘I love and accept myself’. We did a beautiful visualisation meditation bringing filling ourselves up with loving energy and identifying where in our body may need some attention with this topic.

Friends - love and accept all that you are.

This is one of my favourite artworks. I love that it wanted to be titled ‘Friends’ and is about loving and accepting all that you are. Loving and accepting YOURSELF as YOU ARE. Thus being friends to yourself; caring, loving, forgiving, gentle and kind.

This is what I would like to focus on today. Working towards being friends with yourself. Practising these beautiful qualities of friendship…

…. with yourself.

Do you already do this? Are you always kind to yourself and ready to listen to your needs? Let’s look at the different areas we can start paying attention too:

Caring – do you practice being caring to yourself, listening to your needs and meeting them where possible.

Loving – are you able to boldly and happily say that you ‘love all aspects of yourself’? <Que big ‘self-hug’ moment>

Forgiving – are you accepting of your mistakes or any areas you feel you fall short? Are you able to forgive yourself and move forward with love in your heart?  <Que another big ‘self-hug’ moment here>

Gentleness – do you treat yourself gently and move at the pace that is right for you? Taking care to make sure you feel safe in times of vulnerability.

Kindness – are you kind to yourself at all times, both in your thoughts and the actions that you take?

Today we are encouraged to really sit with these aspects of ‘friendships’ paying attention to how we treat and think about ourselves now and in the past and what we may be able to change or work on to become more loving and accepting of all that we are.

I wish you well in the week ahead, being kinder and gentler with yourself!

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