Welcome to an extended exploration of ‘The Base’ from my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck. Last week in the live video (which you can view here) we explored this card in terms of acknowledging the need for a strong base and foundation, an understanding and clarity about who we are, in order to move forward with ease in the world. We did a beautiful visualisation meditation bringing in a transformative light into our base and sacral area to transform any heaviness or blockages into light (if you would like to do this visualisation it begins around the 8 minute mark).

Today we are exploring this card around moving forward with a situation, idea, business, anything really, by first giving the time and energy into building a strong base, a sturdy foundation from which to work upon.

Think of the tree, if it was to only grow up, without tending to strong deep roots, it would not withstand mother nature’s winds and surely topple over.

Bring this idea into your pursuits, take a step back and test, undertake a thorough check of your roots, of the foundation and base, has it been built up, is it ready? Have you taken the time to make sure a strong foundation exists, before moving forward? If not, this card is a prompt to do so now, recognising the importance of having a strong foundation from which to work from.

This card brings relief for me today, I have been working hard to share my cards and my gifts with the world, worried that I am not yet succeeding and yielding the results that I had hoped for. It is a reminder that the work I am doing at present is still in the foundation stages and to acknowledge this.

I am also reminded to check back in and make sure I am building the correct foundation upon which I would like to work from? Is this base appropriate with my end goals? Hmm even as I write this I am pondering, perhaps there are some adjustments to be made before I continue forward!

Thank you for joining me on this journey of healing and growing from within!

I wish you well in exploring your foundation, your base!