INTRODUCING: The Magical Owl

I am an owl of magic and wisdom.
I see through the deception and confusion that layers the truth from other eyes.
This skill that I have developed did not come to me overnight, it is one I worked on and laboured to grow. Now I sit here up high, a vantage point to see more than most. I use my magical sight to observe and see what many do not. I notice those that take action from their heart, moving forward with confidence and passion, shining brightly so that those they can help/guide will be drawn to them.

Take the time to see through my eyes and peal back the layers hiding the truth from plain sight.

Spend time here truly looking at what you believe and stand-for and move forward with a passionate heart.

Recently, the owl has been popping up and wanting me to take notice, so I wasn’t surprised when I sat down to draw, that this owl came about. It fascinates me as he is drawn mostly from the script that often comes up in my intuitive works, I am excited about the new shapes and direction this creative process is taking me.

The owl is often a symbol of wisdom, in this artwork I was drawn to his eyes and the way they can see what others cannot, I felt very strongly that he was able to pierce through falsities and see the truth, whilst also having an element of heart and passion. Perhaps seeing the light and passion in people when they have yet to see it in themselves?

How does this Magical Owl and his story resonate with you today?

I use the stories of different creatures as a way of communicating guidance often in the intuitive guidance sessions I offer. If you would like to know more contact me, or you can book a session now through my store.

I wish you well in moving forward with a passionate heart!

- Tegan