Welcome to an extended exploration of ‘Inner Light’ from my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck. Last week in the live video (which you can view here) where we used this card as a prompt to go within and connect to and explore our beautiful inner light and strength, I apologise for the video quality, this one is best viewed as though it is an audio!
Today we are going to look at this card again and touch on another way we can work with it’s beautiful energies.

Inner Light - Allow your inner light to shine.

When you make contact within and truly spend time with your beautiful Inner Light, it inevitably becomes harder to not act in ways that are true to your person. If you have been wearing a mask, either unwittingly or on purpose, trying to be who you think you need to be in the various situations you find yourself in, it may become a struggle to really allow your light to shine.

My healing journey for me, was so much about reconnecting with my inner light, my strength and the light containing all that makes up me. The more I spent time here, strengthening this connection, the more I was able to let layers of heaviness go, layers I had allowed myself to carry as I lost touch more and more with myself over the years. So to come back to the true me, was such a blessing and I felt the benefits across all aspects of my life!

My Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards are one of the ways I am shedding who I thought I ‘should be’ and allowing myself to be who ‘I AM’ together with allowing my Inner Light to shine!

So I ask you:

Why spend energy masking who you are, when you could be gaining energy being yourself?

Take notice of how much you connect within to your amazing inner light, take notice of whether you allow it to shine for all to see, or feel the need to hide, a first step is to take notice…

I wish you well in the week ahead, connecting to and allowing your inner light to shine!

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