INTRODUCING: The Little DragonFae

I am here to offer you a gift. Free from return, open and honest I hold this flower for you.
Do not be afraid. Look within the flower centre, look and see, for this flower shows you a reflection of the bright true amazing being you are.
This flower can show you what you have been missing, the truest part of your spirit light. Hold this flower and see. See your bright light that shines from within and contains the fabric of all that makes you your unique self.
I give you this gift, I am here to share this knowledge with you.
Do you feel brave enough? Do you have the courage to look at what the flower will show you?
Will you accept this gift and go forth with the knowledge of your centre, your core?

I have been wondering for a while now what this special little Dragonfae was going to share, I knew that he wanted to share something but it wasn't until now that it was the right time and the message became clear.
It can take courage to be brave enough to really look within ourselves, to notice and accept both the dark and the light and break through to our beautiful core. There are many layers that we may have to deal with and explore before we arrive and some of this can be confronting, uncomfortable and even scary.
But boy does it pay off when you are able to acknowledge what lies within, and there is so much growth and knowledge that can be gained on the way.
I thank this little Dragonfae that packs a big punch! For the prompt to delve deeper and keep working toward finding and learning more about myself and all the elements that make up my awesomeness!
How about you? Do you feel it is the right time to search and explore the deeper parts of yourself?

Would you like some direction in your search? We can explore this theme in an Intuitive Guidance session! You can find out more in my store.

Be gentle with yourself as you continue forward on this journey of healing from within!

- Tegan