During the Connecting Within Facebook Live video last week (which you can check-out here if you haven’t already) we looked at the special card Seed that holds the message Allow. Do not restrict. Allow.

We worked with this card bringing attention to any ideas or plans we have had around something that uses our unique gifts and strengths and that brings us fulfilment.

We did a visualisation exercise bringing in positive energy around this Seed.

Today in extending on the card Seed, we will explore the notion of surrendering and allowing.

When I look at this card I am drawn to the central symbol – I notice that this symbol resembles an inverted version of the symbol that appears on the box and back of the card deck from the artwork Self-Discovery, as well as an element in my logo – which I identify as 2 mountain peaks a sign of strength and overcoming challenges. In this inverted state I am reminded of surrender – surrendering to the Divine plan or surrendering to hope and faith that if you put in the work, if you feel the passion and feel you are on your path, you will succeed.

This is a healthy surrender, not a surrender of giving-up, but one of confidence and strength, to surrender your fear and worry, to surrender some of the control and restrictions that you may feel are necessary, but which may be based in fear.

Is there an area in your life that you are unwittingly restricting due to thoughts or actions based in fear?

Do you feel the call to surrender to your seeds and plans you have put your energy, thought and actions into, and relinquish any thoughts of ‘What if I don’t succeed?’ ‘I want to do this but don’t think I can…’ or any other negative thoughts that can restrict, block or prevent your seed/s from growing?

This week you are being prompted to really pay attention to your attitude and thoughts that arise around the things you are working towards, the plans you have invested time and energy into and to surrender to trusting yourself and your capability to achieve what you have set out to do, or wish to do.

Perhaps you might do this by jotting down any fears or worries you have and then doing a ritual around letting go of them.

You may like to ask the universe to help you surrender to the outcome that is best for you.

Or you may simply choose to pay close attention to the thoughts that arise around these plans that have been put into action or that you have spent time and energy thinking about and anytime you notice yourself deviating from thoughts of success, take the time to let go of the fear and worry and replace these thoughts with positive ones.

I wish you well on your journey of letting go of the restricting fear and allowing your seeds to grow.