Are you ready to return to your Core?

In the live video last Wednesday we worked with the card Core from my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck, we worked to release some of the stuff that was not our own (things we had taken on from others and our environment that is not in alignment with our core). If you would like to view the video and visualisation exercise you can do so on YouTube.

Today we are looking at this card as inspiration to connect with who we want to become, what we would like to change or need to change to live the true version of ourselves.

The card reads Return to your core. Find yourself. Be true. If you were to think about what it is that makes you ‘you’. The fundamental aspects of your personality and passions and then compare that with how you are living your life, do these things match up? Are they in alignment?

An exercise to help you connect to your core is to write down some of the parts that make you ‘you’, including your dreams and passions and what you want to get out of life. This can help give you some direction and clarity.

For example, if you were to look at what brings you enjoyment and puts a smile on your face, as well as what your dreams and goals are, whether it be interaction with others or creating new projects, creating safe environments, writing a book, or any manner of things. Then compare this list with the activities in your current work and personal life. How does this picture look and feel for you?

Core is a card prompting us to return to our centre and do our best to start or continue living our true self. It may be that the activities or work you are perusing at one time, was true to your core, however perhaps you have evolved and grown and it is time to readjust what is right for the ‘you’, you are now.

Thank you for going on this journey with me, as I too am reminded to return to my core and re-evaluate the varied activities I am perusing, and working to let go of those that no longer suit who I am today and welcoming in those that have a better fit with the me I am now.

- Tegan