INTRODUCING: Melinda the Beautiful Butterfly

LOOK AT ME and my BEAUTIFUL sparkling wings.

Look at me gliding in the light.

I have broken free!

I have spent time in my darkness, reflecting, evolving and LETTING GO.

I have let go of the past version of myself, for it bares no use in my future.

I have discarded the heaviness I carried and now feel only LIGHT – look my wings even SPARKLE!

I have freed myself!

Look at me confidently gliding in the light!

Bask in my JOY, my LIGHTNESS, I am here to INSPIRE!

Melinda is the first in a series that will be introducing themselves fortnightly, sharing their story, their wisdom, aiding and inspiring us. I hope you enjoyed Melinda’s story, she felt so proud to show off her beautiful wings and her success in letting go the elements of her old self that no longer have a place in her present and future.

Other animals (and insects or other creatures) sometimes come and say hello during the intuitive guidance sessions I offer via video recording. If you are interested in having a session you can find out more on my website.

I wish you well in the week ahead and hope you are able to let go of anything that no longer has a place with who you are now, I hope you are able to show off some of your sparkle too!