CONNECTING WITHIN: Future - Let's release some blockages!

Hello beautiful people!

The inspiration and guidance I bring to you today is a continuation of the Connecting Within to Heal and Grow live video last Wednesday, where we explored and worked with the beautiful ‘Future’ card in my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck.

During the very healing video session, I ran through a guided meditation where we searched for any blockages within our body, aiming to release these and create space within us. If you haven’t yet seen the ‘Future’ video session, or would like to revisit it, you can check it out (posted to the right or via, if you wanted to go directly to the guided meditation you can find it about the 9 minute mark.

The ‘Future’ card (whose original artwork is hanging in the bedroom of a very special person to me – shout out to you beautiful sister of mine) has the accompanying message –

Unlock your potential for the future by releasing all that is blocking you from the now.

FUTURE: Unlock your potential for the future by releasing all that is blocking you from the now!

FUTURE: Unlock your potential for the future by releasing all that is blocking you from the now!

Consider what is stopping you from moving forward. Is it a true reason to not take the next step, or can you make a shift, let go of the restrictions you've placed on yourself, and move forward toward your future.

Perhaps it is something you are holding onto from your past that is no longer of value in your present. Shed the restrictions you have placed on yourself.

This is a call to LET GO of the need to have everything just so before taking the next step, and instead have a go.

An example from my experience where I made the decision to ‘let go’ of the box I had put myself in and just have a go - is when I set-out to publish my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck.
Prior to this, although I had a yearning to see my beautiful artworks in the form of a card deck, being able to share my work in this way, I didn't think I could be a published author… I didn't have the experience, I wasn’t an author, it wasn’t something I had expected for myself....
But I had passion and life experience to share, I did my best to let go of all that was blocking me, to break-free of the restraints I had placed on myself, letting go of the thoughts I had about what you had to be to publish cards and instead just went for it!

To help you LET GO of your restrictions and blockages - I have an exercise I’d love for you to give a try!

EXERCISE- Shake Your Body!:

Do you feel a call to do something, explore a new area, do something a little differently.

But you are held back by needing everything just so, stuck in the paradigm of your past or how you were taught things should be.

<que physically shaking your whole body here>
Feel free to go to a private space if doing so in a crowd full of people isn't your thing - if it is - go for it!

As you shake off - yes I was serious about the physically shaking and wiggling your body part - really picture yourself shedding all the things that are stopping you from moving forward with your ideal life or particular dream or idea.
No longer taking hold, blocking or restricting you from moving forward with ease.

Let it fall away. Anywhere you feel the grip is stronger, shake a bit harder. Really pay attention to your body as you do this, connect within and feel where your attention is pulled, or where feels heavier or tighter.

You may like to repeat this process a couple times this week, making sure you are releasing all that you can.

Please don't feel that you have to know exactly what it is that you are shaking off. Sometimes you may have a clear idea, but in general it is enough to be willing to let it go, although consciously you may not be aware – your body, your inner-self will be jumping with joy at your willingness to let-go of what is preventing you from moving forward!
If it is something that you need to be more aware off – trust and allow it to come to the surface – there may be more work to be done here.

As with all my posts, they come about because it is something I need to work on too, so this week I think I'll need to focus on the home-maker part of me! I am finding myself stuck and overwhelmed with the day-to-day duties of being a mum and wife (especially when I am so excited about my creative and intuitive side!), so I am about to shake shake shake in my lounge-room letting go of these blocks and allowing myself to move forward with much more ease!

I’d love to hear how your shaking went, although I feel I should add a disclaimer that I am not liable for any injury that may be sustained while shaking! Please take care to give yourself lots of space and only physically shake within your bodies allowance!

Please also especially remember to have fun with it, sometimes we can get bogged down in the seriousness of identifying and letting go of the ‘heavy’ so it is great to bring in the joy whilst doing so!

I look forward to hearing how you went! And remember I will be live on Facebook next Wednesday at 11am AEST where we will have a look at a new card for the fortnight - join me on my Facebook page!