INTRODUCING: Lady Bird on a Leaf

The lady bird is joyous,
Here on her chosen leaf,
Rejoicing and celebrating how she got herself here.

There were times when she was unsure in her ability to accomplish what she set out to do.
During these times she asked herself: ‘Why, why do I hesitate on my chosen path, what is holding me back?’

Her inner reply was simple.
‘You hesitate because you do not embrace fully, belief in yourself. Do this and you will go far. BELIEVE IN YOUR POTENTIAL.’

The lady bird knew this to be true. She hesitated no longer, instead embracing her belief in her ability to accomplish what she set out to do.

There were times she faltered.
Her inner voice would remain steady and strong: ‘Trust the path you have chosen. BELIEVE IN YOUR POTENTIAL.’

Many times she needed to be reminded by her inner voice and let-go of her hesitation.
The more she did this the stronger her inner voice became, and the less she hesitated.

The lady bird sits on her chosen leaf, joyous in celebration of how she got herself here.

It took me awhile to feel clearly the lady bird’s story, but when it came it was very clear that the message she wanted to share was strongly one about the power of believing in ourselves!

I have felt this along my journey of healing and growth, when I have actively let go of the hesitation and the ‘I don’t know if I can do it’ and just decided that because I felt so drawn to do something, I was going to trust and believe in my ability to accomplish it (my beautiful Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards are a great example of this!).

I can especially relate to the parts in her story about faltering, when we start moving up into our head rather than our heart. Our heart knows our strength and our immense potential, our head is where we can falter and get caught up in the inner dialogue of uncertainty. I am grateful for the Lady Bird for reminding us to listen to our inner voice and embrace fully belief in ourselves!

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I wish you well in the week ahead and hope you are able to embrace belief in yourself and your potential to achieve what you set out to do!