Hello beautiful people!

The inspiration and guidance I bring to you today is a continuation of the Connecting Within to Heal and Grow live video last Wednesday,where we explored and worked with the beautiful and colourful ‘Believe’ card in my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck.

This card features the message: Believe in your potential.

Believe: Believe in your potential.

During the live video session, I spoke a about how we may have negative thought patterns or beliefs around ourselves and what we are capable of, we worked to release and let go of some of the heaviness that was restricting us from fully encompassing belief in ourselves and our potential.
If you would like to view the recorded session you can do so here. I encourage you to do so when you have a moment to close your eyes and breathe, so that you are able to really connect with the sensations of your body when addressing the message of this beautiful card Believe.

For this week, the extend exploration into Believe is to once again go within and look at any limiting beliefs that you may have in regards to yourself, specifically around what you are capable of achieving. For this you are encouraged to write down anything that comes up and create a positive affirmation to replace this limiting belief. You may also then choose to tear/rip-up and throw away the limiting thoughts that you write down as a physical act of letting go and releasing them.
You may like to watch the breathing exercise during the live video from last week (starting around the 5 minute mark) and write down any negative thoughts that arise when I ask you to pay attention to how your body is feeling when I read out the words around this card Believe.

For example when I did this I felt some fight within around ‘I can’t do this, I don’t know how to do this’. Even still there are negative patterns I need to acknowledge and release, replacing with positive energising ones! I will be working with the affirmation, ‘I believe in my ability to succeed’. I know this is quiet broad, I have others that I will be doing that are more specific, around other areas of my life.
It may be that you don’t know exactly what the words that come up are pertaining too (which is the case with me in this instance, I have some ideas of what it might be but am not clear at this time), it is important to use the ‘believe’ affirmation that feels right, you may need to try some out first, feel how they resonate in your body.

It is OK if you don’t believe or think that your affirmation is true, this is one of the great things about using affirmations, as I have found that the more frequently they are used, thought changes can occur, and what didn’t sit right with me to begin with, after a week or month (or in some cases only days) it felt great to say!

I wish you well in your endeavour to replace those limiting beliefs with positive energising ones!

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