Welcome to another week of Connecting Within!

The inspiration and guidance I bring to you today is a continuation of the Connecting Within to Heal and Grow live video last Wednesday, where we explored and worked with the bright and happy ‘Be Joyous’ card in my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck.

This card features the message: Feel the lightness that comes with the joy of positive thinking.

Be Joyous: Feel the lightness that comes with the joy o positive thinking.

During the live video session, we worked with the theme of this card in relation to loving and accepting all that we are. We talked about replacing negative self-talk with positive self-talk to help bring lightness into our bodies.
You can view the recorded session on YouTube. I encourage you to do so when you have a moment to yourself so that you may really connect within and free yourself from some of the heaviness you may carry.

For this week, the extend exploration into the bubbly card Be Joyous is all about positive affirmations! Let’s fill ourselves up with positivity in all areas of our life! Really feel the lightness that comes with the joy of positive thinking!

I made use of positive affirmations when I was healing from depression, but I also use them now! I find they can help to break-up areas or beliefs I might be unnecessarily holding onto, and help to open myself up to more positive experiences.

If you have not used positive affirmations before, they are basically a statement of a positive nature that you affirm to yourself as frequently as you would like (usually daily or a couple times a day works well) and can be used in an area that you would like to change or grow!
You do not necessarily have to ‘believe’ the affirmation you are using, and often you may not feel it is true when you first begin (as that may be the reason you are using it)!

An example of a positive affirmation I have used in recent times is ‘I will succeed in achieving my goals’. I affirmed this to myself on a regular basis until I felt that I had changed the negative feeling I had such as ‘I don’t know if I can achieve what I am setting out to do’. When I heard myself say the latter, I felt so heavy around my stomach area, and feel myself crouching at the shoulders. When I replaced it with the positive affirmation, after using this for a week or so, I now feel light and can feel myself sitting up taller when I say this to myself.

I generally continue to use an affirmation until I feel like I have changed my inner belief to match the positive one I have chosen. Sometimes I return to an affirmation at a later date, when I may have started reverting to the lower thought patterns, or something has occurred in my life that I need to boost the positivity in this area.

Put it into action:

Today you are being encouraged to think about 5 areas where you have noticed yourself being or feeling negative about and create 5 different affirmations to improve your thoughts and feelings around these areas.

Keep it simple and positive. Using things like ‘I AM….’ is great for an affirmation, make sure you phrase it as though it already is (i.e. rather than saying ‘I will achieve my dreams, or I can achieve my dreams, consider using ‘I achieve my dreams’).

I wish you well letting go of the heaviness and inviting in more lightness into your whole being!

If you have any trouble phrasing your affirmation, please contact me I am happy to help :)

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