ART in FOCUS: Friends

Love and accept all that you are.

As this week is Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week, I thought a lovely artwork to highlight would be ‘Friends’.  The message this artwork conveys is to ‘love and accept all that you are’, something that is the most valuable but perhaps the hardest to do whilst healing from depression.

As many of you already know, I experienced severe perinatal depression and have shared my experience on the St John of God website.  If you haven’t already you can read my story here

In my story I mention that I was only fighting for my family’s sake, not for my own.  There was no love or affection for myself, this was something I had to gradually build.  It is not something that happened over night and I cannot pinpoint a moment in time when I began to value myself once more but I can tell you somewhere along the line it did happen!

Perhaps this is one of the reasons this artwork ‘Friends’ is among my favourites and I carry a bag around featuring it!  It continues to remind me that I have worth, value and that I love ME!  The me that loves to smile, the me that loves to be able to help my friends, the me that has flaws (or quirks as I prefer to call them), the me that loves to enter into ‘rolling down the hill competitions with my kids’ (yes this is a thing), the me the creates beautiful artworks that I love to share with others, the me that thinks my artworks are amazing and am so curious to find out more about them, the me that loves to smile and laugh but also loves to have my own quiet space sometimes.  I love ME.

Although it can be easy to fall into habits of internally berating yourself, it is so important to continually look at yourself and accept your inner awesomeness!  Let go of the opinions of others about yourself and gain the confidence to be fully be the person you truly are.

Love and accept all you are, your perceived flaws, mistakes and your strengths.  All that makes up the wonderful being that is you. 

You can own an item with this beautiful artwork ‘Friends’.  Bags, jewellery and gift cards featuring the artwork are available, or you can own the original framed artwork ‘Friends’ for $149.99.  Please contact me if you are interested.

Be kind to yourself, love the amazing person you are :D