ART in FOCUS: Evolve

What an interesting year this has been so far.  I must admit I have found trouble finding my feet this year and am continuing to flounder a bit!  But with the sun coming out more often, I am feeling more positive and am beginning to come out of my winter hibernation!  Embracing a sense of going gently.

I am planning to soon have my online store functioning with various items available for purchase including some great gift ideas for Christmas such as bags, calendars and jewellery!  I love seeing my artworks on different products I hope you enjoy them too!  If in the meantime you wish to find out more or purchase any of my products, please contact me.

To truly evolve and grow, look within.

The artwork that I wanted to share today is titled ‘Evolve’, and is accompanied by the message:
o truly evolve and grow, look within.

One of the biggest benefits I discovered during my healing journey was the ability to release so much internal stuff that was being held onto and draining me of energy or holding me back from moving forward.  By taking the time to address past events and let go of any holdings, I have been able to become lighter and learn more about myself and my experiences.  I have used a variety of methods to address and let go including; counselling, art making, meditation and movement.

The artwork evolve is a gentle reminder that internal work and exploration is just as important as external learning.  That each day and each experience is logged within us in some form and unless we take the time to discard what we no longer need; we begin to carry with us more and more unnecessary emotions or thoughts, that can hold us back or slow us down from moving forward.

Take the time to work on your inner world, learn and grow from within.


To truly evolve and grow, look within.

soft pastel on board
L 39.5cm x H 29.5cm

WAS $210 - NOW $105