ART in FOCUS: Trust

It has been awhile since I have posted an INSIGHT from SPIRIT post, I have been focusing on other projects for a time!  But there is an artwork that keeps popping up that I would like to share today titled Trust.  The theme of which has been my focus lately.  To trust my inner voice.  Though it is easy to get swayed by all that is around me, I try to keep the link with my inner voice strong and believe in what I find there.

I have been working on a few projects lately, one of which is a deck of inspirational cards that I am aiming on being published by mid-year.  They contain 44 of my original artworks together with inspirational messages and the deck is titled ‘Self-Discovery’.  I will keep you posted on when they will be available for purchase.  These are special cards to me as I have dreamed of having my own deck since I started creating my intuitive artworks, I have trusted in this idea/dream and have worked at making it a reality!

The other project I have been working on is for my exhibition ‘Out of Darkness’ which will be in November this year to help raise awareness of Postnatal Depression, another idea/goal that I have slowly been working towards since I created my artwork ‘Out of Darkness’, of which the exhibition has been inspired.

Finally, I have been continuing my art therapy studies and have just enrolled in a Diploma of Counselling to complement this, I am excited to embark on my new career in the future.  Although, again listening within, I know it is time to gently lay the ground work while enjoying time with my young family, while still keeping focused on my future goals. 
It has been hard to practice patience in place of my usual personality of ‘I have this idea I want to do it now and focus only on this’.  I have, on many occasions had to stop and listen to what needs my focus at this time.
Which leads me back to the artwork being highlighted today called Trust which is accompanied by the message:

Trust the voice within, look past desires, wants and thoughts of need. Trust the voice within

Trust the voice within, look past desires, wants and thoughts of need.  Trust the voice within.

Breathe into your heart center.  Trust the amazing light that you find there, your ideas, beliefs and dreams.  Take some time to focus on what you find here and look at ways to bring these into your everyday life.  Keep coming back and check-in to your inner voice.  Be strong and confident in following your inner guidance.

Trust the voice within.