Welcome to an extended exploration of ‘Spreading Light’ from my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck. Last week in the live video (which you can view here) I mentioned how this was a lovely card to continue on from last fortnight’s ‘Inner Light’ card. We have worked on connecting with and acknowledging our amazing and unique light within each of us, so now with this ‘Spreading Light’ card, we can begin to imagine and open our willingness to let others bask and share in our light and love. I apologise for the audio quality of last week’s video (last time it was the image quality, this time the audio was a little dodgy), but hopefully you are still able to join in and enjoy the mindfulness exercise.
Today we are going to take it a little further from our intention to just allowing our light and lovely energy to benefit ourselves and those around us, to looking at what our unique gifts are that we may share with others from our beautiful inner light.

Spreading Light - Let others bask in the light that is you.

Today consider in what ways you are currently shining your light and letting others bask in your beautiful energy. Acknowledge what you are already doing and perhaps notice any ways or ideas that come to you on further actions you could take to share your beautiful inner light with those around you.

These can be a range of things from simple to grand! I love sharing a smiles and hugs! As well as sharing my beautiful cards with the artworks and messages, this is my ‘grand’ way of sharing my inner light! How about you?

This card as I mentioned in the video last week, can encompass many elements that may need to be built within to feel confident to shine your light. Believing and accepting yourself for who you are and that what you have to share with the world is valued and unique to you, special. This is the other element to consider today, that the light within you is very much uniquely you and to share parts of yourself with those you meet is a beautiful gift you are able to give.

I wish you well in the week ahead, being willing to allow others to bask in the beautiful light that is you!

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I have been humbled and excited by the beautiful feedback I have received from these cards and am excited to be sharing my light in this way!

Sharing Light, Love and Smiles