Welcome to an extended exploration of ‘Darkness Within’ from my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck. Last week in the live video (which you can view here) we worked with this card by shining a light on parts of ourselves that we have felt the need to hide due to external forces, perhaps like the Shadow Self concept.

Darkness Within - Shine a light on your darkness within.

Today we are going to approach this card differently and think of the ‘darkness’ as ‘fear’, fear that we are holding onto and acknowledge that now may be the time to shine a light on this fear, to address the fear and consider letting it go. Lets dissipate some of the heavy that we have held within. Consider that we may have more resources and strength within us, to be able to look at the fear we hold in a new light, from a different perspective, to not let it weigh on us as it has been.

So this is the prompt for this week, to shine a light on the fear you hold within and look at how you can work with it or let it go. Be gentle and only move forward with this if you feel ready, check-in with yourself often. For me even as I write this I feel like I am holding fear in my belly/sacral area, so this is where I will begin.

I think for myself I will sit and use a visualisation to shine light where I feel this heaviness. I am reminded that I do not necessarily need to know exactly what it is that I fear, but to be open and willing to let it go.

Often when this card comes up there is a feeling of being uncomfortable, on the surface it is not as pretty or inspiring as some of the other cards, but there are actually so many ways you can work with this card, I encourage you to sit with it and see what comes up for you, when prompted to shine a light a on your darkness within.

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Sharing Light, Love and Smiles