INTRODUCING: The Mother Tree

It is time now for me to evaluate and consider.

What parts of myself are in need of letting go, in order to ALLOW new growth.

Although it hurts to let go parts of myself that I have spent time nourishing and that have brought me joy, if I were to hold on to these, any new growth that is due would be RESTRICTED.

I must therefore accept this cycle of letting go all that no longer serves me, to make space for the new.

I rejoice at the new possibilities before me, the new growth that is sure to arise, once given the space to grow.

This period of letting go can be refreshing.

I give myself time to acknowledge all that I now release, to create space for new growth.

Standing strong in my inner knowing that I am doing myself a sacred service by letting go.

The message that this beautiful Mother Tree brings today has relevance in many areas of my life and I love how in tune it is with the ‘Seed’ card from my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck that we have been working with!

I personally have been working on letting go and creating space both physically and energetically. This past month or so within my home I have been doing a big clear-out which has been tough for me, to let go of things I have held onto for a long time, but I have felt a strong need to clear-out and be decisive about what I really need and what is of no longer use. I am already feeling like space has been created and feeling fresher! Those that know me well, know that the whole cleaning and clearing thing is not something I find easy, it has traditionally been an area of overwhelm for me, so I am excited about the progress I have made.
I have also been working on letting go energetically and mentally things that I do not need to hold on-to, this is continual inner work but I am celebrating some recent bigger shifts that I have had and rejoice at the space that has been created within, now filled with light rather than heavy and freeing up energy for new growth!

I feel now as I write this that this series of wisdom and messages from different creatures and guides is something else that I will be letting go of. I do not yet know exactly when, but in order to allow other areas of my life to receive my time and energy and perhaps some new ideas to arise, I will need to let go of this series. Hmmm some things are certainly easier to let go of than others, this is something I will be sad to finish up, but I have been very aware of the amount of time I have available at the moment with the many different things I have happening, so perhaps this is partly why. I hope you have enjoyed the wisdom and messages being shared and felt some benefit, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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I wish you well in letting go to allow new growth into your life!

- Tegan