Welcome to an extended exploration of ‘Joy Within’ from my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck. Last week in the live video (which you can view here) although there were initially some technical difficulties I was able to do a brief video to bring our attention to celebrating our small steps and acknowledging our unique amazingness, I’m paraphrasing a bit here but hopefully you get the gist!

It was a short video (due to the audio difficulties I was having), but I felt such joy and excitement with this card to share it, and also one of my own accomplishments being my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards, and the joy I have in sharing them with you all.

It has taken a lot of inner work to be able to be comfortable to say ‘I am proud of myself’, to acknowledge that ‘I am a beautiful person’. This was not something I could do with any type of ease 5 years ago. So I am even proud of that fact!

These are all things that this card can bring forth. To celebrate yourself, to accept and acknowledge your beauty, strengths, uniqueness, actions, accomplishments, anything to do with recognising yourself and giving yourself praise, to cheer yourself on and even say ‘great job being you’.

So I will keep it short again today, to just once more bring your attention to noticing and celebrating yourself. To acknowledge and be proud or accepting of yourself, or working up to be able to do so.

The flip side could be to notice what is holding you back from freely celebrating yourself, what thoughts come up for you when you attempt this? Are you able to replace them with positive ones or work with the heavy in order to release and create space for the lightness and celebration of you?

Joy WIthin - Celebrate yourself.

Thank you again for coming on this journey with me! I wish you well acknowledging and celebrating the wonderful person that you are!

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Sharing Light, Love and Smiles