INTRODUCING: Albert the Dolphin

I have come to share my wisdom, to share with you the value of joy, laughter, fun and play.

I encourage you to listen to the song of your heart, to hear it’s message and dance along to it’s melody.

Be yourself and be merry!

Share your song with those you treasure.

Let your heart sing and your body dance along to your own unique song!

Albert the dolphin was very particular in how he wanted to come along and share with us his message. He wanted to be placed on top of a section of the card we have been working on this fortnight Be Joyous!

While creating his image, I felt a lot about choosing not to dwell or sit with the heavier thoughts and allow the lightness of joy to fill my body and play. Play and have fun! There are some areas I keep taking too seriously and I am reminded to ‘play’ and have fun with it!

Other animals (and insects or other creatures) sometimes come and say hello during the intuitive guidance sessions I offer via video recording. If you are interested in having one of these unique and special sessions you can find out more in my store.

I wish you well in the week ahead and hope you are able to connect with Albert’s message and dance to your own heart’s song!