ART in FOCUS: Trust Within

Trust Within
Let go of desires and thoughts of need. Stop and allow your inner self to communicate.

Today I would like to share with you my artwork ‘Trust Within’ currently on display at ELB - Energy Life Balance (available for $145 framed).

Trust Within shares the message to let go of desires and thoughts of need.  Stop and allow your inner self to communicate.

You are the one who knows what is right for you.  There is a voice within each of us that knows our complete selves.  We all too often ignore or dismiss this voice instead relying on others or society to dictate our path.  This artwork is reminder to have courage and trust yourself to know what is right for you. 

Listen to that which you are passionate about, trust your inner self to guide you on your path.  Let go of all else, trust within.

For much of my life I was too concerned about what others thought, what I thought I should be doing, what path I should follow.  I did not take the time to listen within.  Or if I did I did not have the confidence or courage in myself to follow and trust what I heard.  This I feel contributed greatly to my depression and decline in health, which reached breaking point after the birth of my second child.  I was suffering from loss of identity, loss of self and barely able to function as a human being.

I view this experience and the severe depression I suffered as a great gift, it was the catalyst to make me listen to myself, my needs, what was right for me.  Though it took time I began to increase the confidence and trust in myself and noticed such great healing and growth when I followed what was true and right for me.  I look at the art I am creating, sharing and selling and am so very proud of myself for having the courage to listen and trust in my inner guidance.

Trust Within.