ART in FOCUS: Dreams

Today I am prompted to share with you my artwork ‘Dreams’ it features both on one of my gift cards and my book (both available for sale).  I have spent the morning working on my deck of inspirational cards that I hope to get published and then sold around the world.  I am choosing to dream big, I do my best to let go of the thoughts holding me back, thoughts of ‘it’s too hard’, ‘that doesn’t happen to people like me’ etc.  The saying ‘you don’t know if you don’t try’ seems very relevant at times like these!

Harness the energy of your dreams.

My artwork ‘Dreams’ reminds us that within you are many ideas, ideas that have the potential to become your dreams, goals, aspirations.  Be confident in your ability to carry-out your ideas.  You have them for a reason, they may spark your interest or the thought may bring you joy.  Choose today to start manifesting your ideas, take the steps to begin living your dreams.

I know myself that it is easy to get overwhelmed at all the parts that could hinder, block, or make it difficult to realise your dreams.  At these times I try to focus on the now.  What is the first step that I can undertake, not ‘what will I do when…?’, ‘how will I do this….?’.   Don’t worry about all the details of the how, just focus on the first step whether it be a phone call, enrolling in a course, creating your first piece of art, take it one step at a time.  Hold on to that beautiful energy and excitement of the possibilities of realising your dreams.

Harness the energy of your dreams.  Embrace your dreams within.

To help fund my dreams of creating and sharing my art and messages I suppose it would be wise to again plug my current mega sale on my framed and unframed artworks!  Please visit my facebook site to check out what is available.  I am also expecting another order of my books to arrive soon so if you would like a copy please let me know.  They are still available at $26 each!

I wish you well on manifesting your own dreams!