ART in FOCUS: Share

It has been a little while since my last INSIGHT from SPIRIT post!  I have had a couple months of emotional ups and downs, having trouble getting out of a funk, the last 2 weeks however I have felt myself being to soar upwards once again, finding a renewed sense of motivation for the path I am on which includes both my family and my own ambitions.

I feel I can contribute some of my recent lows to the decision to make this year family focused.  I began to think that this meant I couldn’t really be myself and do the things that I wanted to do as I needed to devote more time to the home, kids and husband. 

This was and is not the case, the family focus I was feeling is a reminder to make the time I have with them quality time, to be present with them and find more ways to involve myself in their lives, which I have tried to do and am enjoying the experiences this has been bringing. 

Sitting with the huge smile on my face and love in my heart I feel when I am truly engaging with my kids and realising what amazing packages they really are!

I am still learning to accept that it is going to take time for me to achieve many of my goals but that there are doors opening for wonderful experiences on the journey to reaching my goal. 

I had an amazing weekend at Apollo Bay for the second module of my Art Therapy course and have come back feeling rejuvenated and so very excited to implement what I have learnt to assist others!

I have been selling some more copies of my book as well which is exciting!  I also sold a couple of my original artworks which is wonderfully reaffirming that I have a beautiful product to share!

Share your insights, your wisdom, your truth.

One of the artworks that has just found a new home is titled ‘Share’.  The message within this artwork is to share your insights your wisdom your truth.

I felt such a sense of peace when creating this artwork, that I am where I need to be, sharing this amazing gift of connecting with beautiful energy and messages to then share with others in the hope they too will feel inspiration or healing benefit.   'Share' asks us to share our gifts and our light, to share in the beauty of all things.  To not be afraid to communicate the words and expression inside yourself.

Share your insights, your wisdom, your truth.