ART in FOCUS: Time

It has been a wonderful week, I submitted a grant application in the hopes to secure some funding for both my Art Therapy study and for ART from SPIRIT (thank you for your positive thoughts!).  As such it has been a week of reflection of what I have accomplished this last year and where I would like to be in the future.  Stopping and recording all that I have done was a wonderful process and I am proud of myself for all I have accomplished and have a renewed sense of excitement at the direction I am heading in the future, with both my plans as a future Art Therapist and the possibilities ahead for sharing my art!

As such, the artwork I would like to share with you today is titled ‘Time’ and is accompanied by the message: The gift of time is precious.

The gift of time is precious.

I felt prompted to share this artwork with you today, to give a gentle reminder to be thankful for the time that we have on this earth.  To spend the time being your true self.  That though things may not always happen the way you had planned or hoped, look for the hidden blessings that time has given you.

My partner and I recently made the decision for our son to have another year at kinder before starting school.  Those of you that know me well, know that I had many plans for next year when both my children were at school, ready to dive into many of my art projects!  So it has taken a bit to get my head around the fact that I will be spending another year with my boy at home and crazy kinder hours, which I have found difficult to find my flow in regards to ART from SPIRIT. 

Now however after taking some time to reflect I am filled with happiness and excitement at having an extra year with my son before he begins his formal learning journey.  To allow him the time of the additional year of ‘play’ that he needs.  As well as the blessing of outside forces giving me the extra year to slow down before I start jumping in full swing!  The gentle reminder that I too could do with some more time to continue to heal and strengthen before I begin the next steps on my journey.

Our time on this planet is precious and fleeting. Nourish your body and soul with all that brings you joy and happiness.  Surround yourself with love.