ART in FOCUS: Cycle of Rebirth

The artwork I am focusing on today is Cycle of Rebirth, a watercolour on canvas painting (available for $426).  It is healthy to go through cleansing cycles, keeping things fresh and making room for new experiences.  When I was creating this piece I was reminded of the phoenix rising from the ashes.

In line with the theme of this piece, I have a HUGE sale on some of my artworks at the moment so I can raise some funds for the next project I am working on!  I love sharing my artworks and the messages and am enjoying finding new ways and mediums to do this!  Selected unframed artworks are on sale for half price and selected framed artworks have big discounts around 40% off!  Visit my Facebook page for more details!

Accompanying message Cycle of Rebirth:
Submerse yourself in the cleansing fire, burning away all that is no longer needed.

Sharing my wisdom:
It is hard to let go of your perceptions of who you are, ‘the old you’.  However, this is necessary to make room for the new.  Give yourself a chance to experience new joys, become the person you aspire to be, all is possible!

I have realised that there are many beliefs that I have developed during my life of what I ‘should be’.  I am realising that this has prevented or restricted in my becoming all I ‘can’ be.  Idea’s that you can’t make a living from your art, that being a mum isn’t enough, that you are meant to work hard for money, not make it through having fun.  These are just some examples of the restricting beliefs I have realised I carry, some from teachings, society perceptions, misguided or misunderstood interactions or observations. 

It is hard to jump into and follow a path hoping to make a career through sharing my art, when subconsciously I keep telling myself that it is too hard to become financially successful through being an artist, that I can’t make a living doing this because it is not ‘hard-work’, I have too much fun creating art!

Well I say phooey to those restricting beliefs (was going to go with some stronger language here but thought I’d keep it PG!).

Instead, I willingly jump into the cleansing fire.  Casting away all the false beliefs restricting me from obtaining my dreams.  I am ready to emerge with a strong sense of self, clarity and strength.

Take note of the beliefs you hold, are any of these counter to what you want to achieve?  Are you willing to submerge yourself into the cleansing fire?

Allow the past to be let go and cleansed.   Move forward, be reborn.