ART in FOCUS: Acceptance of Self

Wow it has been a bit of a tough week for me, lots of emotional eating! 

The artwork I am highlighting today is titled ‘Acceptance of Self’ and is one of the first artworks I created when I discovered my gift to create through connecting within. 

Acceptance of Self
Accept and celebrate your strengths, your gifts.

I was drawn to share this artwork with you today, as it is reminding me to accept my actions without holding onto guilt or shame.  Knowing that even though I consumed a lot (A LOT) of chocolate lately and didn't accomplish much, as I was feeling lost and finding it hard to be motivated to look after home and family, that this was my choice, that I was moving through some emotional stuff and my coping strategy was to eat delicious chocolaty products.

Through this week (or possibly month), I also had a feeling that I would get through this period, though I kept delaying it as long as possible, now I feel it is time to move on and find that strength to keep going.  I have learned that I am someone that needs direction and motivation, excitement on my own future goals to keep me moving forward, and as you may have gathered from previous posts, I still struggle with aspects of looking after home and family, I continue to hold onto a feeling that this is not what I am meant to be doing, there is so much more for me to do, so I continuously have an internal struggle raging.  This, I know, is where my emotional chocolate fixes come in, in these times that I don’t want to face it, it’s too hard.  But that is this life isn’t it.  Continuously learning about yourself and accepting you for all that you are so that you can keep moving forward, each time growing.

I accept that parenting and taking care of home does not come naturally to me, that I have to continuously work at finding the happiness and joy in these moments.  And it is work for me.  But very rewarding when I am able to immerse myself in the wonderful moments.

During my post-natal depression period I had so much trouble understanding this and didn’t want to accept it about myself.  I have 2 amazing children, why don’t I feel fulfilled devoting my time to them, being with them?  Though I am a caring loving person, the parenting side of things is very difficult for me.  I have my days when I find moments to enjoy but a lot of the time I am just waiting until it will be my time again.  This is where my art is so valuable for me.  It helps me realise and understand this about myself, it helps me receive the messages to come back to the moment and enjoy the little moments in time.  To accept all that I am and rather than holding onto guilt and shame about my thoughts or actions, to instead move forward with this understanding and keep fighting. 

Please be kind to yourself.  Practice acceptance of all that you are.  Your weaknesses, your strengths, all that make up the wonderful being that is you!