ART in FOCUS: Momentum Within

I have been stuck!  Yes, ‘stuck’, having been physically rundown I have allowed past habits to re-surface and letting that fear and confusion get to me.  All is well though!  A am reminded that I am supported and surrounded by love.  I received a call to pick up my artwork ‘Momentum Within’ from Wolveschildren Gallery where it has been on display in the gift shop.  (Sadly, Wolveschildren is closing, I thank Erin for allowing me to share my artwork to all those who visited her gallery!).  The message is just what I need to reflect on so I thought I would share it with you also!

Before I do however I would like to share that I have just ordered more copies of my book Connecting Within – Artworks and inspirational messages!  If you would like a copy please let me know.  They will be available in a couple weeks’ time for $26 each.  I am excited to share my book with you.  Connecting Within is a collection of 9 of my artworks accompanied by messages to encourage connection within.  It makes a beautiful gift for someone special (this includes yourself by the way)!

I am reminded that my book is another example to me what happens when I am in flow with my inner being.  Just as the message today is about (inner flow and recognition of ones own awesomeness), this book is a manifestation of one of my beautiful gifts I have to share!

Momentum Within is a soft pastel on board artwork and available for sale (currently unframed, $225).

Accompanying message Momentum Within:
When all is in balance momentum from within will flow.

Momentum Within
When all is in balance momentum from within will flow.

Sharing my wisdom:
When you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed and confused.  Take the time to step back.  Return within.  Remind yourself of all your amazing qualities and the strengths that you have. 

Let go of all fear.  Embrace this journey, embrace all that you are. 

I have been experiencing confusion of what I am meant to do, when I have chosen to focus more on family and home this year.  What this means for me, and the value I have to give in this role.  An internal struggle has been raging! I have let myself get all turned around and am grateful for the reminder that when all is in balance within, when I let go of this internal fight surrender to just ‘being’, momentum from within will flow!

If you have got yourself all turned around.  Forgive yourself for forgetting how amazing you are and letting external influences side-track you. 

Connect within, take the time to look within your own heart.  Make contact with your true self.  Bask in the love and be reminded of all that makes you amazing.   Re-align yourself with this amazingness and your wonderful qualities and flow with the inner rhythm of your true self. 

When there is acceptance and balance within, momentum will flow.

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