ART in FOCUS: Hope

The artwork that I would like to share with you today is called ‘Hope’.

This artwork is included in the A4 Art Australia Exhibition at the Herring Island Gallery in South Yarra which closes this Sunday.

A reminder that I also have 2 artworks included in the Postcards from Ballarat exhibition on now at Backspace Gallery (which also closes this Sunday), along with pieces by my children!

I have some other exciting news!  Eight of my artworks can now be found hanging in the treatment rooms of Daylesford Day Spa!  I am very excited to have new people viewing my work!  All artworks are for sale!  

And finally a reminder that I also have gift cards available for purchase and will have more copies of my book Connecting Within available in the future.  Please let me know if you are interested in a copy or the gift cards!

Now to return to our artwork today:

Accompanying message Hope:
Embrace hope always.

Sharing my wisdom:
It’s easy to get bogged down with the negative, with the things that aren't the way you were hoping they would be.  Easy to revert to old/bad habitual ways of thinking.

Embrace hope always.

This artwork is a reminder to lighten yourself of the burden of negativity.  To feel the lightness and space created within when you put your energy into positive thinking.  When you focus on the future with positivity and hope.

I can literally FEEL the difference in my body when I stop, breath, identify the lower thoughts occurring, and shift them into positive ones.  I encourage you to try this.

The message today is short and sweet.  To embrace hope and let go of the heavy negative stuff you are burdening yourself with!

Break into those areas of negative or lower thoughts and light them up with hope!