ART in FOCUS: Garden

Wow what an amazing week I have been having!  I began my Art Therapy Course in incredible surroundings with an amazing group of women, in Apollo bay on the weekend.  Very excited to be on this journey and to practice the wonderful method of guided healing through Art Therapy.  Especially as it has been such a wonderful gift on my own healing journey!

I have received the order of my book Connecting Within, I mentioned last week!  And have been loving sharing my book, so much so that I have been carrying it around with me and sharing it with anyone who is happy to have a look!!!  The feedback has been wonderful, thank you to all those who have filled my head with those beautiful comments on my work and messages, I promise not to get a big head!

There are a couple copies still available and more on their way if you are interested in a copy please let me know.  They are currently $26 each.

I would now like to share with you the artwork I was drawn to today, Garden (available for purchase).

Fill your life with all you consider beautiful. Tend to all elements with love.

Accompanying message Garden:
Fill your life with all you consider beautiful.  Tend to all elements with love.

Sharing my wisdom:
Your life is precious and yours.  Take the time to think about what it is that brings the smile to your face that lights up your heart.  Combinations of small objects and big dreams.  Plant your seeds, then watch your garden grow.

You may have planted the seeds for what you wish to create, but then gotten lost in the everyday happenings in life.  This is a reminder to tend to your garden with love.  Both big and small things need your loving attention.

I myself am reminded to not get overwhelmed about how to manifest my dreams, instead to know to keep moving forward, small steps at a time.  My book, this blog all parts of my bigger dream.  My family, my home are other elements in my garden.  Just as the physical garden filled with flowers and plants that have different level of needs and requirements so too does my life garden. 

Take notice of your garden and what needs your attention at this time.  Tend to your garden with love.


Connecting Within - Artworks and Inspirational Messages

Consisting of images of 9 artworks and the accompanying inspirational message.

Currently $26 each.

Fill your life with all you consider beautiful.  Tend to all elements with love.

Framed was $117 now $70 (due to small frame damage)
(L 36.7cm x H 34cm)