ART in FOCUS: Inner Sun

Today I would like to share with you my artwork Inner Sun, a soft pastel on board artwork ($156) framed and currently on display at Café four2eight).  Before I get into the message however I am happy to report that more copies of my book Connecting Within have arrived!  If you would like a copy please let me know.  They are available for $26 each.  Connecting Within is a collection of 9 of my artworks accompanied by messages to encourage connection within.  It makes a beautiful gift for someone special (perhaps for Mum on mother’s day)!  I would also like to remind you that I also have gift cards available for $3 each.

There will also be a special sale coming up on many of my artworks both framed and unframed!  Keep an eye out!

If you are visiting Daylesford and looking for a pamper, stop by Daylesford Day Spa where you will find 8 of my artworks hanging in their various treatment rooms!

I am also excited to share that my book Connecting Within will be available for borrowing at the Ballarat Library!  So amazing :D

Even with all this going on due to my being rundown I have felt that I have lost momentum and drive lately, most likely why I was drawn to share this artwork with you today!

Inner Sun
There is a strength and fire within each of us. Feel the warmth and strength of your inner sun.

Accompanying message Inner Sun:
There is a strength and fire within each of us.  Feel the warmth and strength of your inner sun.

Sharing my wisdom:
You are invited to connect with your strength and fire within.  Do not feel weak, lost or ungrounded.  Take hold of the fire within yourself, the fire ready to share your gifts to shout them out to the world.  Take hold of the fire within and be reminded that you have such potential to contribute to the world in positive ways.

One can easily get caught up in distractions and the words or opinions of others.  Something small as a cold that has you rundown can then set you off your path that you worked hard for.  Falling into old unhealthy habits, you can easily get muddled and confused, lose sight of the strength within.  Inner Sun reminds me of my strength and gifts that I am excited to share.  I can tell you my fire within is strong and very excited at all the possibilities before me!

Connect with your inner fire, harness the strength within you.


Connecting Within - Artworks and Inspirational Messages

Consisting of images of 9 artworks and the accompanying inspirational message.

Currently $26 each.