ART in FOCUS: Home

The artwork that I would like to share with you today is called ‘Home’.

This artwork is the second piece I have submitted to be a part of the Postcards from Ballarat exhibition on now at Backspace Gallery.  My 2 children have submitted artworks as well and I am excited to have my children’s artworks showing with mine!

I also currently have the artwork ‘Hope’ being included in the A4 Art Australia Exhibition at the Herring Island Gallery in South Yarra.

I have some other exciting news!  I have created a book called ‘Connecting Within’ which features 9 of my artworks and messages inspiring connection within and letting your true self shine.  Although the copies printed have now been sold, I will be re-ordering some in the future so keep an eye out!  In the meantime, if you may be interested in purchasing a copy let me know!  I’m very excited to share my artworks in this format! 

I am also in the process of creating jewellery pieces using my artworks (although this has come to a halt due to machinery issues, but I’m sure it will be sorted when the time is right!), I’ll keep you informed!

Now to return to the artwork in focus today!

Discover your home within. Return home always.

Accompanying message Home:

Discover your home within.  Return home always.

Sharing my wisdom:

This artwork recently took on a new meaning for me.  When creating it I knew it was to be called home.  I felt sunshine.  When I was mediating on it after it’s creation the message above (Discover your home within.  Return home always.) came to me.  Discovering your home within, there are many ways in which this can be interpreted.  I felt for me that it was a part of my self-discovery, and listening to my inner voice.  Return home always; a reminder to continually check in with my inner self.

However, I now feel another message is also present.  Due to recent inner exploration and the realisation that even now (after so much inner and outer healing) I am still afraid to be in my body fully.  Due to events of my past, somewhere along the line I unconsciously (I presume) decided I didn't feel safe in my body. I am becoming aware of some of the resulting behaviours of this, such as ‘excessive or unhealthy eating’ which I now feel is to produce a shield of sorts for protection or to feel momentary fulfilment where I am unable, to due to not being fully present.  There has been an unconscious need to always come up with ways to hinder me from being fully present in the moment, and in a sense in my body.

With this realisation came a new meaning to this artwork.  This additional message is, to make the changes necessary, to really feel comfortable in my own skin.  To discover my home within.

I feel the home within can be described as a Sacred Inner Sanctuary, a place for one alone.  A place where the opinions and actions of others or the world around us are of no consequence, where the element of Self stands strong and unwavering.  A place that can be visited at times of confusion or when in need of clarity.  A place where one can go for comfort, love and safety.

This is the home within.  This is where you can return always.  No matter what is going on around you, return home always.

Take the time, feel the courage to explore within.  To reclaim your home within.

I would like to leave you with a conversation I had with my aunt a few months ago, I was talking about how I had hoped to be in my ‘dream’ home by now and talking about the different elements of my current home that I was not happy with, that I felt stuck in (having one of those down moments we all have).  This wise Aunt of mine asked me something along the lines of "where is your home", I was stumped, confused at the question because she knew where I lived.  Answering with "Ummm Ballarat", this was quickly followed by (paraphrasing): "No hon, your home is within you, within your heart, it is always with you, your physical dwelling is where you live, just a temporary location, your home is within you.