ART in FOCUS: Balance

It has been awhile since my last ART in focus post!  The new year has brought with it new challenges and I am trying to find my flow!

I have been working on some new projects including a book of artworks and inspirational messages and fun jewellery pieces!  More details soon!


I would like to remind you that if you are in Ballarat you can view some of my artworks at the wonderful Cafe four2eight, whilst enjoying a yummy hot chocolate and cake!  I also have available for sale gift cards featuring my artworks which can be found on the counter, contact me if you would like to purchase some directly from me :)

The artwork I am highlighting today is called ‘Balance’ and is one of 2 artworks submitted to the Postcards from Ballarat exhibition. 

When balance is found so is the joy of being in flow.

Accompanying message Balance:

When balance is found so is the joy of being in flow.

Sharing my wisdom:

Each of us wield our own power to find balance in this world.  To nurture and fulfil the different parts of ourselves including our responsibilities to others.  Balance is something that is achieved through mindfulness of our internal needs and the needs of those around us.  To pay attention to what requires our attention and to surrender to the flow of life.

At times balance may include a larger focus on some areas for a time, then flowing with the shift to other areas.  Balance does not always refer to equal focus on all things.  Balance over time.

When creating this artwork, I was reminded of the ebb and flow of the beach, the cool waves on the warm sand on a calm day, flowing in and out.  The peacefulness when all is in balance and flowing as it should. 

I myself have felt more like a storm whirling inside of late and have enjoyed meditating on this artwork feeling a sense that balance is attainable.  At this time, for me this is relevant to my finding my flow with my family, accepting that now is time for focus to be on family and home whilst still finding time to enjoy my own activities but understanding that at this time the larger focus is needed at home. 

Along with this realisation comes internal work, as past memories and emotions are brought to the surface.  It took me so long during the early stages of my healing journey to accept that I needed to let go of the guilt and take the time to focus on myself; that now I find fear rising up at the prospect of letting go of this, afraid that I will return to old patterns, afraid of not knowing how to find the new balance that I require at this time. 

However, as I write this I am reminded that I have faith and know that I am supported and guided and am ready to let go of the internal struggle I have been experiencing, to ask my ego to step back so I may surrender to my higher self and allow my balance and flow to surface.

May you all find your balance and feel the joy and peace this brings.