ART in FOCUS: Change

My exhibition Healing from within at Unicorn Lane Gallery on Sturt Street is now in it's last 4 days!

For the duration of the exhibition I am highlighting one of the included artworks twice a week to go into more detail the message each artwork carries.

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To truly heal and grow, continually make positive changes.

The eigth artwork I would like to share with you from my exhibition Healing from within is ‘CHANGE’ a watercolour painting on paper with the accompanying message:

To truly heal and grow, continually make positive changes.

This artwork encourages you to choose NOW to make healthful life changes.  To be brave and make the changes that will lead to fulfilling your dreams.

Take note of all that is having an undesirable impact/influence on your life.  Choose to make changes that provide only positive outcomes. 

Creating positive change has played a big part in my own healing journey.  The realisation that I needed to make positive changes, being brave enough to do so and having belief that I could achieve a positive outcome has aided in both my health and situation.  Some things take many steps, one step at a time.  Some changes will require a big shift, other changes can be minor and easily achieved.

Invite positive change into your life, believe in yourself and your ability to create the change that will encourage a happier, healthier you.


To truly heal and grow, continually make positive changes.

Unframed $134
Watercolour on paper
(L 42cm x H 11.5cm)