ART in FOCUS: Be Joyous

Be Joyous
Feel the lightness that comes with the joy of positive thinking.

My exhibition Healing from within at Unicorn Lane Gallery on Sturt Street opens today with an opening event being held at the location at 5.00pm-6.30pm (all are invited)!

For the duration of the exhibition I will be highlighting one of the included artworks twice a week to go into more detail the message each artwork carries.

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The first artwork that I am highlighting is ‘BE JOYOUS’ a watercolour painting on paper with the accompanying message:

Feel the lightness that comes with the joy of positive thinking. 

This artwork carries with it the message to choose positive thinking, to choose to accept all that you are and to bask in the glory that is you.

Negative thoughts bring you down, pay attention to the thoughts running through your mind.  If you find any are of a negative nature, take steps to change them.  There is remarkable difference when you change once lower thoughts to new positive ones!

Though there may be aspects of yourself that you are unhappy with, choose to focus on your strengths.  Choose to view the unhappy aspects in a new light, rather than bring yourself down use your self talk to motivate yourself to accept and if necessary change these aspects you are not currently happy with.

I personally have found the wonderful healing power, that a change in mindset can bring.  From the depressive feeling of so many lower thoughts, to the lightness and power of changing even some of these thoughts to bright positive ones!  Even the effect of trying to remain sad and down when you hold a smile, it eventually starts to lift all of you no matter how fake it may have started!

Everyday take time to bask in the glory that is you, the amazement that you bring, even as simple as a wonderful smile that may light up someone’s day!

Experience the joy of positive thinking.


Be Joyous
Feel the lightness that comes with the joy of positive thinking. 

Unframed $149
Watercolour on paper
(L 29.7cm x H 29.7cm)