ART in FOCUS: Strength of Self

Only 2 Sleeps to go!!!

My exhibition that I have been busy putting together this year is only 2 sleeps away!  With the opening at 10.30 Monday morning at the Ballarat Base Hospital.

Helping to raise awareness for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week beginning tomorrow. 

Strength of Self

Out of Darkness is a very special project for me as it represents my healing journey from postnatal depression where I reconnected with myself and discovered my inner strengths.

The artwork I am sharing with you today is one of the pieces in the exhibition titled ‘Strength of Self’. 

The accompanying words are:

The darkness has forced me to look within.  To re-discover myself.
I thank the darkness for this opportunity, but its usefulness has passed.
I now move into the light with the gift of a stronger sense of self.

On Monday morning I will be sharing my story of what it was like for me to experience perinatal depression and the strength that I found it overcoming this life challenge.

During such an illness as PND it is very easy to get lost.  I remember that my sense of self was pretty much non-existent and added to the confusion in my day.  The fog and darkness made it so hard to hold onto who I was, to remember.  My art making gave me the opportunity to connect with myself without struggle or thought.  It was a precious part of my journey.

As well as helping to raise awareness, my exhibition is also fundraising by donating 20% of all sales made during the exhibition to PANDA - Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia, who support women, men and families across Australia. 

This will include all online sales made during Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Awareness week 12 – 18 November.
Visit my online store during PANDA week and I will donate 20% of the sale to PANDA.

As well as the artworks for the exhibition, I will have a table of products for sale around 10am – 2pm at the exhibition site each day.

I hope to see you there!

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