Welcome to an extended exploration of ‘Life on Earth’ from my Self-Discovery Inspirational Cards deck. Last week in the live video (which you can view here) we discussed and did a meditation gratefulness, being thankful for this gift of life on Earth we have.

Life on Earth - The gift of life is precious, take time to rejoice each step no matter how small.

Today this card prompts us to consider the different aspects of our life, in particular the times that we may find more challenging or darker. It is about looking at these times from a different perspective and rather than dwelling or giving so much weight to the negative aspects, considering these as opportunities for growth and learning, opportunities for discovering strength, resilience and perhaps developing gifts that we didn’t know we had.

To try and explain this another way, perhaps I could share some of my story, as many of you may know I suffered from perinatal depression. This time of my life was very dark and heavy, it affected not only myself but those around me supporting me. Although it was not a pleasant time, far from it in fact. I am actually grateful for having gone through it, for many reasons. This was not an instant feeling, but one developed overtime, in my journey to heal and replace negative thoughts with more positive ones, to have an outlook on life of gratefulness and hope.

The journey I went on provided a catalyst to connect to my true self and live a life much closer to my true self, it led me to my intuitive art and art therapy where I now find joy in helping to inspire and guide others and exploring my gifts. Along the way I discovered gifts/talents I did not no I had, as well as my inner strength. The list does go on, but I hope the idea is getting across, including for those around me, although I worry about the effect that it had on my children for example, I also look at the relationships and resilience that was built during this time for them, as well as my partner making life changes that actually really suited him and our family, that he wouldn’t have pursued if not for this challenging time.

So for this week, you may like to consider events in your life from a different perspective, reflecting on what you were able to learn, discover and build within yourself and externally, perhaps you will be able to find some positives from the harder times. For this gift of life we have is truly precious, without the downs the ups won’t seem so amazing and it is often the harder times that the big growth comes from.

I wish you well this week enjoying our beautiful and complex Life on Earth!

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Sharing Light, Love and Smiles