INTRODUCING: Bud of New Growth

Although I had thought this fortnightly series of meeting a creature, listening to the story it has to share, would be in the same format each time (square watercolour paper - waiting for it to manifest on the page and be a living, moving creature - I hadn’t considered plants!), I have had to let go of the restricted views I had and allow this special ‘Bud’ to come say hello, persistent that it do so uniquely, in this case as an artwork on stone, and thus opening my view to what this series would look like! Accepting the guidance from the recent ‘Infinite Possibilities’ and allowing opportunities to occur how they ‘need’ to rather than how I ‘want’ them to! So I had better get to it and introduce to you our special guest this week ‘Bud of New Growth’:

Bud gently grows as it awaits the external surrounding conditions to change,

Here I am supported in my new growth - thus far it has been known, familiar,

Out there is the unknown and a different strength will be required.


The surrounding leaves were first, wise, knowledgeable, already exposed to the world outside,

Their message carries one of SUPPORT and GROWTH encouraging growth WITHOUT FEAR,

They have been the protectors of the bud, they know when the time is right to move onward and upward,

The bud rejoices for it has something beautiful and special to share with the world.

The bud is ready to go forth with it’s new growth, free from fear or trepidation, knowing it’s connection to the supportive leaves at it’s base is strong.

The leaves watch-on, ALLOWING SPACE for the seed to grow, ever watching, ever supporting.

I loved listening/feeling the story this beautiful bud and it’s supportive leaves wanted to share. Each leaf felt like it had a different purpose, reminding me of 2 parents to a child. One leaf offered stability, strength and support, the other encouraged uniqueness, and celebration of all the bud is and could be, together they offer the bud safety and support, a strong base from which to grow.

The surrounding colours represent the opportunities open to the bud, once the bud let’s go of the fear of the unknown that has held it back.

Perhaps one day we will be invited to share in this special bud’s growth into the beautiful flower I’m sure it will become!

Other animals (and insects or other creatures) sometimes come and say hello during the intuitive guidance sessions I offer via video recording. If you are interested in having one of these unique and special sessions you can find out more on here.

I wish you well in the week ahead and hope you are able to strongly venture into your unknown, to seize the opportunities open for you there!