ART in FOCUS: Life on Earth

Life on Earth
The gift is precious, take time to rejoice each step no matter how small.

The artwork that I would like to share with you today is called ‘Life on Earth’.
As always the message shared is not the only message found within the artwork.

Accompanying message for Life on Earth:

The gift is precious, take time to rejoice each step no matter how small.

Sharing my wisdom:

During my healing and strengthening from the challenges of depression, I have been striving to become more connected to all that is around me, to pay attention to the messages around me, to consider that all events occurring are messages for me.

Recently an uncle passed away. In the past I would have held onto the grief, the guilt at not making the time to see him prior to his death, the guilt about not keeping in contact with my family as much as I could.

Now after having spent time becoming more connected to this life and the messages within.
Learning that there is no point, in fact it is detrimental to health, to hold onto grief, guilt, stress.

Instead I choose to celebrate his life, to celebrate the gift of life. Part of this celebration is to acknowledge that their time as the being of my uncle is now finished, that he is benefiting from all the experiences he has been through and now is still time for those still here, to learn and grow from the experiences of life, which includes the passing of this being whom was precious to us.
I choose to send light and love to all those that are still here, and to believe that my uncle is cleansed from all the darkness he may have held onto in this life, and now is bathed only in light and has grown from his experiences.

Life on Earth is a gift. We can choose to treasure this gift and make the most of it by paying attention, by being open to every experience being created to allow each of us to grow, to allow each of us to experience the different facets of what it means to live, to be human, to love, to loose.

Consider all aspects a precious gift, for even those that are hard at the time to experience that hurt, are here for us to learn, and it is from those darker times that the brighter ones become even brighter, for we have the past experiences to show us all the shades of life. It is also from those darker experiences that we discover our strength and other qualities that may remain hidden until needed.

The gift of life is precious.

Tegan NevilleComment