ART in FOCUS: Inner Light

Inner Light
Connect to the infinite power of your inner light and SHINE.

The artwork that I would like to share with you today is called ‘Inner Light’.

This artwork is for sale ($112) and currently hanging on the lovely walls of Bliss Yoga. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing ‘Inner Light’ or any of my other artworks.

Accompanying message for Inner Light:
Connect to the infinite power of your inner light and SHINE.

Sharing my wisdom:

It is very empowering to connect with your light and strength inside. To accept that you have a beautiful light inside you that is worthy to shine as brightly as you can allow.

Having suffered from severe depression and having lost my identity gradually over many years, it has taken some time to go within and rediscover and connect with my inner light.

I have now reached a place where I am able to see the value in the hardships I have faced and be thankful for having gone through them. For it is through these struggles that I have found my strength within.

When I picture myself as a young 5/6 year old, entering a room with a huge smile shining my inner light without reservation I feel a sense of bright golden light emanating from me. 
Then after the different life experiences I have been through the light got duller as I became uncertain of who I was and lost my confidence in the value of me. Choosing instead to hide away.

Reconnecting with my light this past 6 months or so (yup it’s that recent!) has been AMAZING. I look in the mirror and see the spark in my eye. I look and feel awake and bright. My smile once again emanates light and happiness. The empowerment that accepting and connecting with my true self, of being confident in once again showing the world me, as I am, has resulted in amazing growth. Yes I stumble, yes there are still tears. But each time I stand up tall, finding my inner strength and connecting with my light within and I shine once again.

My hope is to light the way for others who are going through their struggles to find themselves. To inspire others to look within and find their hidden strengths. To go within to evolve and grow.

Connect with your light within and shine for all to see.

Tegan NevilleComment