ART in FOCUS: Inspiration

An abundance of inspiration lies within.

At the time of drafting this post I was sitting in amongst my artworks hanging in Blue Artz Gallery at my first exhibition.  I was drawn to my wonderful artwork titled 'Inspiration'.  
Since then I have found another home to display my artworks at Cafe four2eight on Sturt Street in Ballarat, as well as ELB - Energy Life Balance in Grainery Lane and I have been successful in my application for a stall at the amazing Kingston Makers Market, Moorabbin in December!  I have also taken steps to enrol in an amazing Art Therapy course starting next year!  Yes the smile on my face is very big and not budging!

Accompanying message Inspiration:

An abundance of inspiration lies within.

Sharing my wisdom:

I can't help but marvel at the manifestation of the ideas and dreams I have had the past year, by acknowledging, paying attention to and most importantly BELIEVING in my ideas and dreams and being open to the opportunities around me.

In 2012 after having my second child I suffered from sever depression and spent over 3.5 months (in 2 stints) in hospital.  The second time I even underwent a series of Electro Shock Therapy.  At the time I could barely function myself let alone look after my 2 children.  Whilst in hospital I attended an Art Therapy session that they had available to patients.  I remember thinking 'wow I would love to help people through art'.

Fast forward 3 years, a lot of healing and WA-LA I'm sitting in my exhibition with inspirational messages for healing, strengthening and growth all around me.  I am excited about so many ideas that no longer make me feel wistful as they are so far from achievable, instead I am excited at the prospect of what I can achieve while in a place of confidence, faith and acceptance of ME.

I give myself props for having faith in my gifts, for having given attention and real acknowledgement to the ideas that have come to me.  Not to dismiss them as impossible or too hard, but to value them as wonderful possibilities and then take steps to manifest them.  To make them a reality.  

Find your inspiration, hold on to it and have faith in you.


An abundance of inspiration lies within.

Framed $217
(L 66.5cm x H 56cm)

Currently on display at Cafe four2eight

*As of April 13 2016 on display at Daylesford Day Spa