ART in FOCUS: Darkness Within

Darkness Within
Shine a light on your darkness within, for here is true potential for growth.

It has been a time of going within, facing that which is not so enjoyable, giving attention to that which has been confronting and painful so I may become lighter.  The result was also an artwork titled ‘Darkness Within’ which flowed through me.

This artwork is for sale ($125) and currently hanging on the lovely walls of Bliss Yoga. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing ‘Darkness Within’ or any of my other artworks.

Accompanying message for Darkness Within:

Shine a light on your darkness within, for here is true potential for growth.

Sharing my wisdom:

We spend a lot of energy keeping our darkness hidden, whether it be a traumatic/fearful experience, an action taken that you feel guilty about, areas you feel you have failed or are lacking. To evolve and grow, choose to face your darkness. 
Yes it takes courage and strength, perhaps practice and multiple tries. It all starts with the willingness to address that which you have kept hidden. (But oh don’t you feel soooo much lighter once you have brought it to the surface, allowed it to be addressed and let go of some of the dark!).

Recently I was presented with the opportunity to look at some of my darkness within. Areas that were confronting in regards to my habits.
During my deep depression, it took me a long time to accept that I needed to put myself first, to look after myself so that I then can look after others. To take time just for me. To recover and get to a place to function and heal, I needed to take a lot of time for me, I came to accept this and was able to heal. Then somewhere along the line I managed to tip the scales and it was recently brought to my attention that I was focussing too much on my activities and not enough on my family and housekeeping.
Well, this was a hard pill to swallow! This was very confronting for me and upsetting, especially considering the time it had taken to accept I NEEDED to do things for myself, and boy did the guilt want to start swelling up.

I’m sure this has been trying to get my attention for a while now, but I was finally open and taking notice of the messages, ready to LISTEN. (Yup it needed capitals, I have heard the messages previously but was not open to ‘listening’ to them. To understanding they were opportunities for ‘my’ growth, not to hold me back or to stop me from doing the things I enjoy.)
Instead of falling into a spin of guilt and completely stop my activities. I am proud to report that I was able to accept this darkness within, then choose to evolve and grow, choose to say yes that was me, the past, now I am choosing to progress.

I am super happy to report that since addressing this, I have begun finding a balance in all aspects of my life. I am thankful for the catalyst to bring about balance in my home. I feel so much more peace within.

To evolve and grow shine a light on your darkness within.