Earrings - Dangle

Earrings - Dangle


—- other styles available to be updated soon —-

Beautiful dangle earrings featuring my intuitive artworks.
Earrings come with small card featuring image of the original artwork and accompanying message.

Infinite Possibilities
Embrace the world of endless possibilities.
2.75cm in diameter.

Love and accept all that you are.
2.75cm in diameter.

Do not fear what lies within.
2.4cm in diameter.

Momentum Within
When all is in balance momentum from within will flow.
3cm x 1cm.

Earrings with a white background contain an inspirational message on the back.  Others have a clear background with the artwork showing through on the back.

Earrings are made from shrink plastic.

*Please note colour may vary due to photograph.
*Although I have sealed the earrings, shrink plastic jewellery is not fully waterproof so please avoid submerging in water.

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