Personalised Intuitive Artwork

Personalised Intuitive Artwork


I am able to create intuitive artworks on behalf of others, connecting to beautiful healing and inspiring energies that are in alignment with their needs and growth.
I create these unique intuitive artworks through a wonderful process of connecting within, allowing my body to flow without needing to be consciously aware of the form the artwork will take, whilst feeling the guidance, insight and energies of the artwork during the creation process.

Personalised Intuitive Artworks can be created with the theme of What I Need, or Who I Am.
Your special artwork will be created on A4 light art board and will include a message containing the insight and inspiration captured within your artwork. Your artwork and message will be posted to you upon completion. This will usually take between 1-2 weeks.
Please note your artwork will be unframed unless otherwise requested (additional costs apply).

What I Need

Your unique intuitive artwork will be created by connecting to the healing and inspiring energies that best serve you at this time.

Who I Am

Your unique intuitive artwork will be created with healing and inspiring energies to help enhance and highlight your beautiful strengths, gifts and light.

- Custom Order Personalised Intuitive Artworks Available -

Available in a variety of sizes and materials, healing and inspiring personalised intuitive artworks can be created upon request. I will create your artwork holding the intention that best matches your needs. Some examples of past custom artworks include a large canvas for family room and yoga studio and personal framed pieces for bedrooms. Contact me for more details.

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