Artwork on Stones

Artwork on Stones

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Soft pastel intuitive artworks on stones, original and unique, only of each available.

Relating to the 7th Chakra (Crown); 'Connect' message on the back.
7cm x 5cm

Relating to the 5th Charka (Throat); 'Allow' message on the back.
6cm x 5.5cm

Admire Yourself
Relating to the 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus); 'Admire Yourself' message on the back.
6.5cm x 5cm

Be Grounded
Relating to the 1st Chakra (Root); 'Be Grounded' message on the back.
6.5cm x 5cm

Created using soft pastel on natural stone, with several layers of clear varnish.
Although the entire stone is protected with varnish, it is best to keep inside.

Each stone weighs approximatly 80 grams.

*Colours in photos may differ slightly from the actual item due to photo.

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