ART in FOCUS: Joyous Heart

Joyous Heart

I am sitting here on the second last day of my exhibition, amazed and in awe of the response I have received.  It has been a whirlwind of a week, although today much quieter so I am able to take some time for reflection. 

I am sharing the artwork ‘Joyous Heart’ with you today, it is one of the artworks in my exhibition OUT of DARKNESS and the accompanying words ring true for what this week has brought so far.

No longer held back, hear the song of my Joyous Heart.
Finally, free, radiating light, love and inspiration for all to enjoy.

I have been humbled by the response to my openness in sharing my story of what it was like for me when in the depths of depression and in sharing my healing journey and of course my art.


I have been beaming (my cheek muscles a bit sore hehe) from smiling at so many people and chatting to the many visitors to my exhibition.

Many people have come to me to chat about their own experience and I have felt privileged to be a safe someone for them to talk to and hopefully let-go of a little of what they have been holding onto, in some cases for many years.

It has been amazing to share my journey and be an inspiration and hope for those currently going through challenging times.  I even had a chance to begin full-filling my dream of facilitating art therapy in a Mother Baby Unit on Wednesday night, where I went in to the BHS Mother and Family Unit and did a session with the mums currently admitted.

My exhibition has even appeared in the local media, you can view the newspaper article and TV news spot here:


TV News:

I will be here again tomorrow for the last day, around 10am – 2pm if you haven’t already and are around come have a look and chat!

There is still time to help raise money for PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia) with 20% of all sales including online sales being donated to PANDA for the duration of the exhibition.  OUT of DARKNESS books are available featuring the 9 artworks in the exhibition as well as 2018 Calendars and other items.  Visit my online store or come and see me tomorrow at the exhibition.

Sharing my light and my experience has been incredible.  I hope that others too may find their inner strength and courage to shine 😊

Thank you to all those who have come and visited my exhibition so far and supported me on this journey!